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We all have those classic pieces that can save an outfit (or a mood) in a pinch. Usually made of cotton, they’re versatile, worn-in and hold a prized position on our hangers. It’s always interesting to learn what those items of clothing are for different people, especially when they’re pieces you might not expect, so we thought it’d be fun to visit the closets of a few of our Darling staff members to learn what those can’t-live-without items are … and why.

sarah dubbeldam tee

Sarah Dubbeldam, Editor in Chief

This shirt is my favorite item because even though it’s made from a casual material like cotton, it can still be dressed up with a simple blazer and heels or dressed down with cute cutoffs and flat sandals. I think the trick with a basic tee is to wear it out with just the front tucked in — it gives a casual, “I don’t care, but I do care (smile)” look.

tracy le shoes

Tracy Le, Print Managing Editor

My Nike performance crew socks are my favorite go-to socks because they are thick enough to keep my feet warm — say when I’m walking around the house — but cool enough so that when I wear them on a walk or run I don’t overheat in them which is always a plus. Interestingly enough, the long length has proven it’s flexibility for my casual everyday outfits as well.

The most common way I use them is in two scenarios. I wear them with my Nike black running shoes and shorts and a long white loose tank. This is the casual, morning active wear. On the other end, I also wear them with my black Birkenstocks, with either a black tapered cashmere sweat pant or white, wide-leg drawstring pants. A simple black or heather grey tee — Kit and Ace or Madewell — works well.

ziza bauer sweatshirt

Ziza Bauer, Online Managing Editor

This sweatshirt was a score of a find in a bunch of clothes a family friend was planning to donate. Most likely from the late 80s or early 90s, there’s just something about the way it fits and the feel of the cotton fabric that you just can’t replicate off the rack anymore. I’ve worn this while traveling, to sleep in, hike in, run errands in, but also dressed up over silk pants, high-waisted jeans and my favorite — paired with pull-on flares and wedge boots for the perfect (not trying too hard) retro look.

milena mallory shirt

Milena Mallory, Assistant Producer

I love being able to feel like I am “home” in a piece of clothing. Also, with so many things on my mind throughout the week, it is nice having something I know I can throw on and feel comfortable and confident in. My basic black high-neck tunic does both of those things for me. I normally pair my shirt with a chunky necklace and skinny jeans. It is super easy and something I can always rely on!

nihan gorkem shirt

Nihan Gorkem, Digital Marketing Manager

I tend to be quite picky when it comes to t-shirts because they have to have certain qualities to fit my “favorite t-shirts criteria.” This t-shirt is one of my good ones for three reasons: First of all it’s coral, which is one of my favorite colors and whenever I wear it I feel like I’m at the beach collecting seashells or watching the sunset. Second, the material is lightweight and comfortable since it’s cotton! It’s not too tight or too loose, and it looks flattering on me. Finally, the tiger print adds the perfect touch of fun and edge. The print is subtle, you have to pay attention to see the print, which makes it appropriate for the office as well.

I find this t-shirt easy to style, it’s one of those items that I can just grab and style with a pair or jeans or a skirt without thinking too much about it.

kyle wood jacket

Kyle Wood, Director of Sales and PR

This jacket is my absolute favorite item in my closet, probably because I wear it the most. I love throwing it on with any outfit, especially because the cotton material is so versatile and breathable, it pairs well with just about anything. Cotton is also light enough in these hotter months to wear in the evening; the material is super easy to dress up. 

I love to wear it with jeans and a plain muscle-t with a long necklace. I also love that I can throw it in the washing machine at the end of the day without having to do anything fancy. How great is that? It’s cute, it’s easy, and it’s SO comfortable!

What’s your favorite cotton item?

Images via Morgan Ashley Photography



  1. Love this! Very inspirational to pinpoint my own wardrobe staples. Mine has to be my grey, cotton maxi skirt – so easy to dress up or down for comfort in any occasion.

  2. At the moment my favourite cotton item is my new white t-shirt with a white heart embroidered on the left side. It fits perfectly and looks great.

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