There are plenty of reasons to shake up your hair care routine as the autumn weather rolls in, but after months of letting our hair be cared for by sea-salt waves and summer rays, caring for our hair in the cooler months can be challenging — especially if our hair already gives us a run for our money with lack of volume, frizz, damaged curls … you get the picture.

As we swap out our swimsuits for sweaters, we can also swap in natural hair care as part of our daily beauty routines. Whether you have thick, flowing hair that could use a little TLC or fine hair which could use a pick-me-up, there are green-friendly dupes you can use to get the healthy autumn hair of your dreams. You’ll say buh-bye to dead ends and frizz before the winter even hits.

For Medium/Fine Hair

If summer had you reaching for sea-salt sprays to pump up the volume on your hair, fall and winter may leave you reaching for a volumizing spray or powder to up the ante on thin or fine tresses. Instead of using heavy sprays and products which can weigh your hair down and make your strands look limp, consider reaching for an all-natural dry shampoo that will absorb oil while adding body to your roots.

Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Dry Shampoo gives your hair the boost of volume it needs while mattifying oily roots and lending your hair a deliciously beachy smell of Palmarosa and rose. Other natural options, such as Fat and the Moon’s Lavender & Cocoa Dry Shampoo or Alder New York’s Texture Powder can breath new life into limp, oily strands as well. It may even extend your style for an extra day or two.

For Thick/Coarse Hair

For thicker locks with frizz that just won’t quit, your hair may be crying out for a dose of natural, deeply moisturizing oils which can lend some much-needed hydration to your tresses. Popular oils like coconut, argan and olive work wonders for nourishing the hair, which may just be the answer to those #frizzyhairproblems.

Reverie’s MILK anti-frizz treatment is a natural alternative to drugstore conditioning treatments. With a plethora of hydrating oils like coconut and almond, along with amino acids and hair-stimulating essential oils, this leave-in conditioning treatment is simple to incorporate into your beauty routine and will leave thick, coarse hair feeling refreshed. Artifact’s Mèr Mèr Monoï Tiaré Hair Oil and Little Barn Apothecary’s Chamomile + Rosemary Hair Oil can also help tame frizz and pesky flyaway while nourishing your strands.

For Dry Hair & Scalp

After a summer spent under the sun, our scalps might need a treatment all their own. Whether you have a naturally dry scalp or would simply like to rejuvenate your hair, a scalp treatment could just do the trick.

Especially beneficial if you’re looking to boost hair growth and hydrate your scalp, a blend like Fig & Yarrow’s Hair Tonic will condition the scalp and improve the health of your hair from the roots, down. With a base of eight natural oils (such as coconut, meadowfoam and neem) and infusions of horsetail, rosemary and nettle, hair is stimulated for enhanced scalp quality. In other words, you get the hair (and scalp) of your dreams.

Looking for a quick fix? Try URB Apothecary’s Hair Repair Mask to give your tresses an added punch of moisture, or DIY a simple at-home scalp treatment using organic apple cider vinegar and water! All you need to do is combine half a cup of water with half a cup of ACV; apply the mixture to your scalp and rinse out after ten-fifteen minutes for shinier, healthier roots.

For Oily Hair

From product buildup to natural sebum, if you’ve got oily roots, you’ve probably got a shelf littered with hair rinses and dry shampoos. We totally get it; what’s a guy or gal to do if the oil just won’t let up?

It may be a sign that your hair could use a detox to thoroughly cleanse it of the oils, bacteria and environmental pollutants that settle in our hair over time. Grown Alchemist’s Detox Shampoo uses black pepper, chamomile and lycopene derived from bush tomatoes to help detoxify your scalp and locks for healthier, care-free hair. HairStory’s New Wash also cleanses the scalp and hair to repair, condition and wash all-in-one, without the use of harsh detergents.

Oily or not, a detox shampoo can help maintain the health of your scalp and can easily be integrated into a hair care routine for daily care. When looking for a detox shampoo, be on the lookout for products which contain hair-strengthening proteins (such as silk or soy), deeply hydrating oils (coconut, olive and avocado to name a few) and stimulating extracts like peppermint or rosemary. Some shampoos also incorporate activated charcoal to cleanse the scalp for a deep clean.

For General Care

To protect your hair from the cool-weather damage and maintain the health of your tresses, give a hair oil and reparative conditioner a try to keep hair looking and feeling refreshed all autumn long. Restorative conditioners like Playa’s Supernatural Conditioner are perfect for daily or frequent use to protect and rejuvenate hair, while general hair oils like True Moringa’s Face/Hair/Body Oil can be used to keep frizz at bay and dead ends away.

These green beauty alternatives to chemical-laden hair care products could just have your hair looking healthy and full this fall.

What are your haircare go-tos?

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