Every now and then, we find ourselves face-to-face with a form of darkness that seems unthinkable, unspeakable. Maybe we turn away, unable to reconcile our present reality with that of so many hurting in the world. Maybe we press “like” on a nonprofit’s Facebook post and go on with our day, errands and work, bills and making dinner. Maybe we are so broken up by this darkness that we tailspin into despair, feeling helpless to act.

But there is another alternative – meaningful action.

Today is Cyber Monday, a day when thousands upon thousands of us will shop incredible deals, buying holiday gifts for family and friends with the click of a mouse, full from Thanksgiving dinner and comfortable in our PJ’s.

For many, clicking and shopping online brings so much joy. As it should! This is a season for giving and loving and being together. But for some children in the Philippines and in other poor countries, the click of a mouse can steal their childhood.

Cybersex trafficking of children involves live-streamed abuse of children, often very young, who are made to perform sex acts with each other, or with adults, in front of a webcam. These live “shows” may cost a consumer as little as $20. IJM is working with authorities in the Philippines to rescue young children from this abuse, provide trauma-based aftercare, and put perpetrators behind bars.

But, remember the alternative reaction we can have to darkness? It’s love in action.

This is a hard thing to think about, and it is a very hard story to tell. Cybersex trafficking of children is dark, the kind of darkness we may feel guilt about, turn away from, or find ourselves crushed beneath. But, remember the alternative reaction we can have to darkness? It’s love in action. So we press on into the story…

Today, we’re embarking on a mission to Shutdown Cybersex Trafficking and #RestartFreedom. Will you join us? You can raise your voice online to help us #RestartFreedom for these kids, or give a gift tomorrow on #GivingTuesday to end cybersex trafficking of children here.

Together we can shut down the most heartbreaking online sale we’ve seen.

To learn more about the special partnership that Darling has with IJM, click here

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