Itching to tap into your creativity this spring?

This multi-functional wood box is such a fun DIY because it is so versatile and can serve as so many things. Today I’m detailing how to make a box that’s about 15″W x 15″L x 14″H — perfect to store a few toys in the living room or even a blanket collections that can be rolled around as needed. It can even serve as a planter box. (I stuck my pot directly inside of it which made it a lot easier to move around; I never keep my plants in the same spot longer than a week.)

Want to find out how to make you own? See below for the full walk-through!

You’ll Need:
Four 1″ x 4″ x 8′ pieces of wood
Wood glue
Stain of your choice
Four 3″ caster wheels
16 small 1/2″ screws


I started off with gathering my materials needed.

Using the four pieces of wood, I cut twelve 14″ pieces. If you’re having a local hardware or lumber store cut them, you will need 12 cuts to give you three pieces on each side, making the box side about 10.5″ in height. I then cut four 10.5″ pieces for the inside wood connecting parts and four 14 3/4″ pieces for the bottom of the box.  That’s it for the cuts! 

I then started making the squares that will ultimately connect and make the box by applying wood glue to the end and attaching with nails and a hammer.

Once you have all three squares built you can place your 10.5″ corner connecting pieces in each corner. Again, connect these with wood glue, nails, and a hammer.

TIP: Make sure when connecting your inside pieces you enter the wood with the nail so it will go length-wise with the wood instead of hammer through the thin side.

Now you can slide each box over this squared form. See photo in gallery above.

It’s time to attach the bottom pieces. Lay them across whichever side you want to be the bottom and you can either push them in tight so nothing can fall through or space them. Go along the outside with the hammer and nails. Remember, you want to trim the outside where the nails can go into the wood deeper.

Next, it’s staining time! I chose a weathered gray for my box, but feel free to choose the stain of your choice. Apply it according to can directions.

After the stain has dried, grab the caster wheels and attach one on each corner with the 1/2″ screws and a screwdriver.

Voila! That’s it. Now to decide where you want to put this little beauty:  In one of your babes’ rooms to store a few toys they can roll them around from room to room and play. To store some throw blankets next to the sofa. Or, even a cute planter for some succulents or a cactus.

Best of luck to you on this project! Always remember that the beauty in every DIY results from the imperfections that add character and make a piece your own. Don’t stress on perfection; have fun!

Images provided by Christa Paarni

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