You know we’ve long been fans of The Chalkboard, but recently we took our love to the next level and discovered their Pressed Juicery Freeze.

The freeze is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from their cold-pressed juice line — nutrient-dense, small batch, vegan — only blended to a fro-yo like consistency, creating the perfect summer treat. Made only from roots, fruits and vegetables, everyone on the team was immediately hooked, seriously doubting how something this good for you could taste, well, good.

We visited their newest location just up the road from the Darling office (convenient and dangerous, if you ask us) and are sharing our team’s thoughts below:

Pressed Juicery Freeze Greens Vanilla

Tracy Le, Print Managing Editor:

I got half greens, half vanilla. I wanted something juice centered since it felt unique to have a juice in fro-yo form, but I also wanted a sweet/a nice base of flavor (via the vanilla). I added hemp and chia seeds with honey since I wanted some crunch and a power boost of good-for-you-seeds. Raspberries are just a plus of color.

I literally have deep hopes of eating this every day. It was fresh, filling, and overall likely preferred over most of the normal sweets I eat.

Pressed Juicery Freeze Greens

Rebekah Shannon, Photo Editor/Producer:

I got the greens flavor because that might be the only way I will get a serving of greens… disguise it as ice cream and I will eat almost anything! Then, I topped mine with three kinds of fruit because it was so hot outside. My mixture was refreshing and absolutely delicious. I’m never eating salad again, only green freeze!

Pressed Juicery Freeze Vanilla

Ziza Bauer, Online Managing Editor:

I love anything nutty and am a granola-girl at heart, so I had to get the vanilla with the peanut butter drizzle. As an extra treat, I topped mine with honey, hemp seeds and Hawaiian sea salt for that perfect blend of salty and sweet.

Pressed Juicery Freeze Fruits

Nihan Gorkem, Digital Marketing Manager:

I ordered a half greens, half fruits freeze. I almost ordered chocolate and vanilla since they are my go to froyo flavors, but after trying the green and fruit, I was so impressed — they taste like popsicles! I can’t think of a froyo that is not dressed with some kind of colorful fresh toppings, so raspberries, blueberries and strawberries were a must, along with coconut flakes and chocolate drizzle on top! I haven’t seen sunflower seeds offered as a topping before, so had to try that one as well.

Healthy and delicious at the same time. I am a big froyo fan so it’s great to know that there is a diary-free option for the diary-shy folks like me this summer! Secretly wishing Pressed Juicery opened a location next door to our office.

Pressed Juicery Freeze Vanilla Chocolate Drizzle

Milena Mallory, Assistant Producer:

Vanilla freeze with almond butter, cacao nut freezing drizzle, Hawaiian pink salt and a few raspberries. I’m someone who likes to stick to the basics. I’m obsessed with chocolate and I am such a fan of salty and sweet, so I took that approach when choosing what to order. Of course, I loved it.

Pressed Juicery Freeze Menu

To get your fill of this delicious treat, find the full list of Pressed Juicery’s Freeze locations here

What’s your go-to summer treat?

Images via Milena Mallory

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