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A Note From Our Guest Editor*, TaylorI got so excited when I found out I was going to have a layover in New Mexico on my way to El Paso, TX for work. I had seen the most dreamy pictures of White Sands National Park, which was what triggered me to visit and see such a cool spot. My good friend Nyri & I decided to rent a car and drive a few hours to go visit it, and on the way we actually got into a hit and run accident! We were really thrown off and bumming a lot, but we stuck it out and had a blast running around in the sand. We finished our crazy day off with this hole in the wall place that has been featured on The Food Network. The best enchiladas I will probably ever have! 

Here are my favorite images from our adventure out there. My only advice is to bring sunglasses and get ice cream & a cool match from the gift shop on the way out. If y’all can ever get out there, you absolutely have to!

white sands lion white sands girlwhite sands feet

Our time there was so great. We did a lot of dancing and running around (which are my favorite things). I want to end this photo diary post with El Paso’s hidden secret. Her name is Kiki and she will steal your entire Mexican food lovin’ heart!!! Kiki’s was a Mom & Pop’s restaurant someone recommended to us. It was recently featured on the Food Network channel so we had to go see why.

And boy did we.

kiki's signkiki's kiki's table

Love you Kiki’s!! If you are ever in the area or passing through, YOU HAVE TO STOP!

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Have you been to White Sands?

Images provided by Taylor Tippett


  1. Headline…”This Park In New Mexico Feels Like a Dream”…
    She says “in New Mexico on my way to El Paso……
    The restaurant may be in El Paso but she definitely said White Sands is in New Mexico.

  2. Hmm… some geography lessons are badly needed here. White Sands (a truly epic place) is in New Mexico, and the Monahan Sandhills (not quite as epic, but still a grand place in its own right) is in Texas, near Odessa.

  3. El Paso is my hometown, so I love that a little piece of it was feautured here! Reminds me of the long road trips my family and I would take when I was young (we of course once went to White Sands). If you’re ever in the area, another amazing place to check out is Ruidoso, NM, only a couple hours from El Paso. To this day it’s one of my favorite woodsy vacation spots full of adorable cottages, deer sightings and even skiing opportunities. 🙂

  4. I was just there the other week and it is a gorgeous experience! However, it’s definitely in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico.

  5. I’m from El Paso, and White Sands is one of the most beautiful places ever. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like your on the moon (at least that’s what I imagine the moon to feel like). It is in New Mexico, though. I wish Texas could claim it. 😉 Another fabulous hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in EP is also L&J’s – insanely good tacos.

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