Summer products we love

Summer is synonymous with travel, so we thought that this month we’d round up a few of the products we’re loving that you can also conveniently take on the go. From snacks to packs, amenities to indulgences, we’re loving a range of goods that help us explore … more.

Bon voyage!

Summer products we love

Chocolate / Antidote
Why we love it: Fancy chocolate may be trending, but around the office we’ve always been fans, taste-testing everything from drugstore bargain bins to LA’s most cleverly packaged. Antidote wins high marks for its beautiful design, but also for the fact it’s the world’s first raw and roasted bean-to-bar chocolate, containing high levels of the antioxidants that raw cacao is known to provide. A chocolate superfood that also tastes delicious? This one is a no-brainer.
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Olive Leaf & Plantage Extract Face Lotion / Grown Alchemist
Why we love it: Travel may be good for the spirit, but it can wreak havoc on the skin, which is usually the first place to sprout problems associated with airplane air, new environments or stressful situations. This facial treat from Grown Alchemist is great because it isn’t sticky, has a rich texture, and heavenly scent. Another bonus? It can double as hand creme in a space-saving pinch.
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Polkadot Pouch / Madewell
Why we love it: Simply put, pouches make packing simple. Not just for makeup anymore, traveling with a few mini-pouches on hand can help streamline where you keep your in-flight essentials, travel documents, power cords, or jewelry, just to name a few. Madewell is a great stop for goods that live up to the name, and the price point of their pouches makes them a budget-conscious purchase you won’t regret later.
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Travel Socks / RejuvaHealth
Why we love it: While not the most popular subject, it’s true that standing or sitting in a cramped positions for long periods of time (side-eye, long haul economy flights) can increase your risk for developing spider veins or, more seriously, deep vein thrombosis. That’s why we were excited to discover RejuvaHealth’s unique line of compression socks so that you can travel healthily, comfortably, and stylishly.
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Yoga Pants / Pheel
Why we love it: A staple of any successful travel uniform, these yoga pants add a touch of the unexpected with built-in mesh leggings. Light, comfortable, and easily packable, we love that these can be dressed up or down without anyone being the wiser. Perfect for a more active vacation involving cycling, running, hiking or dance, the stretch material moves with your muscles providing comfort and breathability.
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Backpack / By Toni
Why we love it: Crafted in Los Angeles by a woman who left her corporate career to follow a passion for design, the result is an intentional collection of high-quality leather goods, from fashionable fanny-packs to office-appropriate totes. With a preference for the ease that comes with hands-free travel, we’re loving the brilliant blue backpack for your next trek, trip or train ride.
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Water Bottle / BKR
Why we love it: Having a bottle we actually like carrying around is a huge plus when it comes to health and hydration. We love BKR’s line of eco-friendly water bottles, because as they sit on our desk, we’re reminded of the challenge to drink 3L of water per day. One word of warning: Their website is not for those who have a hard time making decisions. With so many styles and color choices available … you’ll be hard-pressed to pick a BKR favorite.
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Image via Milena Mallory

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