Baskets of grain and fruit

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I am a Latina
I am a Mestiza
Which means I am mixed
Spanish and Indigenous 

Who are my ancestors?
Who are my people?
What is the voice of my people?
I am weeping because I am lost

I am both the oppressor and the oppressed
I am a descendent from the very heart of Mexico
A land rich in silver and gold
The mines hold our dark history 

But we are a people of the land—of el rancho
My father knows where to find the wild honey
We eat the cactus and its sweet purply-red fruit
We know how to live off the land 

Return to your culture
Return to your native land
Reclaim what was once yours
My daughter come home
Here you are safe
Learn from your people
Rest in the arms of those who have gone before you 

A feast is laid out before me
A huge Mexican feast
In a warm kitchen of red and yellow walls
There is a bright rainbow-colored tablecloth 

There are homemade tortillas, frijoles, arroz, nopalitos, fresh salsa
Chiles rellenos, tortas, quesadillas, tacos de carne asada
Con todo por favor!
Caldo de res, pozole, enchiladas, tamales
I am feasting on my culture
I am feasting on my heritage
Let me enjoy my mother culture and my mother tongue!

Come home my daughter
Come home mija
Come home

Image via Raisa Zwart Photography

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