Storytelling is the art of sharing your journey in a real way that connects you and your audience. Your story should appeal to the sentiment of others by sharing who you truly are. Think of it as a behind the scenes look into your thoughts, your ideas and your branding.

Stories of perseverance and redemption are great sources of inspiration for others, which is why entrepreneurs and freelancers usually have a lot to offer in this arena. People love to learn about how a career began. Sharing a story of being a nanny while in college, graduating with honors and moving up the corporate ladder at your first job before resigning and taking the leap as an entrepreneur, for example, is exactly the type of motivator readers love. Showing progression is ideal, not everything is perfect from beginning to end.

Storytelling can be a powerful business tool for anyone looking to propel their career forward; in essence, it’s your voice presented in a creatively consumable way that offers an added level of connection between you and anyone interested in who you are.

Here are three ways to tell a great story:

Think of yourself as a character.

Tell a story from the beginning of your journey. Share with your readers what inspired you to follow the career path you followed. Share the biggest lesson you’ve learned thus far. What would people what to know about you? What are you willing to share? What lessons have you learned that can connect you with others? What is inspiring about you?

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Start an online journal or a blog that shares your story.

Create an online presence around your specific industry. Maybe your niche is art photography. Become an expert in your niche by writing about topics or sharing information that’s helpful for others like you. Pull your reader in with a great story and make the story meaningful. How did you get started? What are a few obstacles you have overcome? What kind of characters have you met along the way?

Never be afraid to tell a story of determination. Launching a blog allows you to meet and interact with people from all over the world. The potential business opportunities, especially in our increasingly digital age, are endless.

Showing progression is ideal, not everything is perfect from beginning to end.

Enhance your storytelling with beautiful visuals.

Your social media, the photography on your site and the videos you create should be on-brand and striking. Your visuals can pull people in and further enhance your story. Instagram is a great resource for this — especially using Instastories as a way to document your daily journey. It can be fascinating to “experience” your day of planning, meetings with potential clients and seeing how you execute your goals. It’s always interesting to see what someone is learning, reading or even wearing. Tell your story through others by using your platforms to share pieces written by writers that you adore, retweet topics that you find interesting and share brands that you admire.

As an entrepreneur, storytelling can connect you with friends, colleagues and clients on a deeper level. Be open to sharing your story whenever you can. Speak on a podcast, participate in a panel discussion or write a piece for your favorite website about your journey. Say YES.

What was the last story you personally connected with?

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