fall trench coats

With fall and winter being two seasons very close to each other, it’s nice to have a few pieces of clothing that you can wear during both. Along with those boots that come out every year in October and that fur vest you layer over everything, another item to think about adding to your list of treasured staples is the trench coat.

Not only has it been a classic piece of outerwear for decades, but it’s also extremely flattering and can streamline almost any outfit. Although it was first introduced in its familiar longer length, today’s “trenches” are offered in a wide range of different silhouettes and fabrics.

Below are a few easy places to start if you’ve yet to find the one that falls just right with your style:

1. For a modern cut, this guy is great for layering over several different lengths. Start with your base as jeans and a button down shirt. Top it off with a cardigan that ends somewhere at your hips. Throw the trench on, and voila! Exposed layers done right brings an elevated texture to the game. The poplin fabric gives the jacket a nice balance of swing and structure.

Where to wear it:  Lunch with a girlfriend, a baseball game, or even a date. This jacket’s playful fit and unintimidating style makes it easy to wear anywhere.

2. With an adjustable waist and athletic aesthetic, this trench is a casual alternative to the otherwise usually serious coat. Throw this over a white tee and black trousers. Depending on where you’re going, both sneakers or pumps could work here.

Where to wear it:  Work, a shopping day with the girls, or dinner with the parents. This jacket’s athletic take on outerwear is bold and refreshing. Just make sure to bring some structure in with your bottoms to offset the trench’s relaxed nature.

3. If you’re looking to stay with the original look of a trench coat, consider this one. In true Inspector Gadget form, this long and oversized fit pays homage to the beginnings of the iconic jacket. Rock a mid-length skirt and tee underneath for a feminine twist.

Where to wear it:  Saturday brunch or a day at the museum. Keep your shoes a bit more formal, so it doesn’t look like you threw the jacket on over pjs and sneakers. Ballet flats or loafers will do the trick.

How do you like to style a trench?

Image via Erinn Springer

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