A picture of sand dunes


there’s been a lot of fire lately

rockets, riots
pentecost, cathedrals

ashes to ashes, we all fall down.

trying to colonize the stars
while our neighborhoods are burning with scars

flames on our tongues, telling a better story
stuttering in speech for we don’t own the words

let us us be one

all first place champions
as we give up our dusty trophies
on the shelf, melt down the metal
refine it into gold, pure gold
give everyone a piece

we know fire has the power
to burn, refine, cook

the power to bring forth light in the dark

Can we make room around the fireplace of history?
as we listen to the story
a new narrative for all of humanity

peace broods in our bones
as we stare into the fire

Image via Taylor Butters

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