A misty shore along the beach

You used to spend your days,
trying to soothe the pleats
and creases of the sea.
Calming the waves,
resisting the currents,
creating a perfect surface—
streamlined, serene.

It took a storm to show you,
the best things in life
are unbridled and free—
beautifully unpredictable,
free from half measures,
moving, heart-consuming,
diving in, out of your depth,
with liquid light wonder,
stealing your breath.

For you,
force of life,
unbridled and free,
are not only capable of facing the sea.
But breaking beyond the surface,
you’ll swim deep in ocean fields—
arms as strong as can be.

So, come stormy weather,
you’ll throw away your fear,
welcome the waves,
dance in the disruptions
and laugh—full belly laughs—
at the wildness and whimsy,
of all this life can be.

Image via Raisa Zwart Photography

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