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I am the person who never chooses fashion over functionality. I grew up believing that when traveling, I was supposed to look ridiculous – that fanny packs and sneakers were acceptable (they weren’t, by the way, at the time – I think they are now) and that I should always sacrifice looking cool in favor of practicality.

But why did it have to be one or the other? It’s high time there is finally a bag that I want to take with me on travels around the world. Thankfully, This is Ground, a tech accessories brand, is paving the way for the collision of beautiful Italian leather, sleek, minimal design, exploration and technology. The result is the masterfully-created answer to all my traveling desires: the Voyager Bag. It’s everything you could ever need in a bag – it’s gorgeous, it keeps the mess of our cords, laptops, iPads, and mobile devices organized and safe, it’s carry on sized, and the leather smells a little bit like heaven.

But wait, there’s more. Thanks to This is Ground’s partnership with Karma they have developed a way to make this bag carry it’s own wifi with you wherever you go. I’m still shocked when I am traveling and I come to a place without wifi. What year is it, where am I?  Though I am a HUGE proponent of being present in a place and fully disconnecting, there are times when we just. need. wifi.

Hats off to This is Ground and all that they are doing for the wanderlusting-but-still-connected-to-the-rest-of-the-world girls like myself. We’ve been waiting for you.

To learn more about This is Ground, shop their tech-protecting products HERE and follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Image by Allie Jeffers


  1. I secretly envy leather luggage and travel bags, ditto on the heavenly good smell. The first luggage I got was a 3 piece gift of lime green vinyl luggage of which I still have (but don’t use) the hardback edition of the massive makeup case and tote. Sears circa 1970’s. Love your travel exploits.
    – Aunt C.

  2. I love when technology helps to make our lives easier (world is already too complicated, so, anything facilitating day to day activities is always more than welcome!) … Technology really have changed the way we see and understand our surroundings. We can say the world is lot “smaller” now, we can feel our loved ones at our side, even if they are across the globe. The bag is now in my list of things to explore; hopping I “trip” with it soon 😀

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