As you may or may not know, Darling Media has its headquarters in Los Angeles and we love our state. What has been happening over the past week in Northern California has touched our hearts greatly, and we wanted to compile a list of ways that we — and you — can be reaching out to the communities who are now walking through loss, displacement and the unsettling aftermath of one of California’s biggest crises.

Like always, if you know of an organization not on this list, feel free to share in the comments below:

Go Fund A Hero: Go Fund me site and official fund raising platform for firefighters who’ve lost their homes in the Sonoma and Napa firestorm of 2017.

Napa Valley Community Disaster Fund: Place where you can reach out to give funds for those affected in Napa Valley.

AirBnB: If you are in Northern California, you can join the community of hosts who are donating their homes and providing emergency shelter to people affected by hurricanes, forest fires, flooding, and other disasters.

Sonoma County Gazette: Their website has a list of ways to donate and will regulate distribution according to need.

Humane societies: Napa Humane society is having a flood of need as so many animals are moved around and looking for a home.

Milo Foundation: This sanctuary had to be evacuated and needs immediate help both in funding and finding foster families for their animals.


Feature Image via Madison Holmlund

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