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In the wake of changing laws and politics, many of us might feel overwhelmed at what to do or where to turn. As great as a social media post or hashtag might be, if you’re wanting to step out and practically put your convictions to action, then we encourage you, simply, to start where you are.

We’re not all on the news or lobbying in Washington. We might not be able to take a trip or spend extra hours volunteering. But in this month of love, what opportunities, talents or skills do you have that others may not? How could you use those to give weight to what you believe in?

Have a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies? Maybe a coworker or your delivery person could use a little pick-me-up. Are you a writer or an artist? Start a letter-writing campaign or donate work to a local non-profit. Are you a stay-at-home mom? Read books or talk to your kids about what’s going on in the world. Are you a college student with a crazy class schedule? Sit next to someone you normally wouldn’t and ask them about their day.

We all have a part to play, big or small; everyone counts.

organizations to support
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Below is a list of organizations stepping up to welcome, support and love those in greatest need around the world. If you’re looking for ways to get involved, this is a great place to start!

(Know of others? Please share in the comments!)

*By posting this list Darling isn’t expressing an individual alliance with the views and perspectives represented, only providing a resource for you to use in formulating your own actions!

A21 – Working to end modern-day slavery across the globe.

Airbnb – Volunteer to temporarily list your home as a free place to stay for a refugee or displaced person in need.

American Civil Liberties Union – Defending and preserving individual rights as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

Doctors Without Borders – Providing neutral and nonpartisan medical help where it’s most needed.

GAIA – Accessories and textiles that empower resettling refugee women in Dallas, TX through employment.

Hand in Hand for Syria – Working on the ground in Syria to provide life-saving medical supplies, food and water.

IJM – Darling’s ongoing partner fighting global sex-trafficking.

International Rescue Committee – Provides lifesaving support for refugees around the world.

Justice for Immigrants – Advocating for just and fair reforms in U.S. immigration and refugee laws and policies.

Migrant Offshore Aid Station Foundation – Malta-based foundation providing search and rescue assistance to refugees at sea.

Miry’s List – Ongoing lists of supplies to donate to resettling refugee families in Southern California.

The Mom Bag – Creating gift bags specifically for refugee women and mothers.

Parker Clay – Leather goods made in Ethiopia to provide alternative employment opportunities for women.

Preemptive Love Coalition – Providing food, supplies and medical relief for refugees in Syria and Iraq.

Re:new Project – Providing employment and community for refugee women in the U.S.

Refugees International – Independent advocacy organization that works with governments on behalf of refugees.

Samaritan’s Purse – Providing critical supplies for victims of conflict, disaster, famine and epidemics throughout the world.

Seek the Peace – Building peace in refugee and war-torn communities.

Shelter Box – Providing emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies in the aftermath of a disaster or humanitarian crisis.

UN Refugee Agency – Working to save, protect and rebuild the lives of refugees in conflict regions.

UNICEF – Creating programs for and providing life-saving services to children across the globe.

We Welcome Refugees – Coalition to empower local churches to provide resources, hope and compassion for refugees in the Middle East.

World Help – Providing critical winter supplies to refugees in the Middle East.

World Relief – Welcoming refugees to the United States through supplies, employment services, legal advice, friendship.

World Vision – Child sponsorship and providing resources to refugees in crisis situations.

How can you uniquely put your talents to greater purpose?

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  1. Thank you for formulating such a wonderful, diverse list. I think posting this shows great responsibility and empathy. I think using Darling’s platform in such a way is everything Darling is about. I finish this as a(n) (even more) proud reader.

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