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The realm of carefully curated wardrobes is expanding. We’re peeling off from fast fashion indulgences and moving toward an industry that meticulously assembles timeless collections. Where luxury has previously been an exclusive and unattainable ideal, it’s now coming into light as the new standard.

And pioneering this movement is Maria Gangemi, co-founder of M.Gemi footwear. Not only is she continuously on the cutting edge of style, she simultaneously challenges norms of the trade with her commitment to handcrafted excellence. So, today is an introduction to this brand, their process, and what’s being done to #makesomeroom in our closets.

Number One: They Hold a Philosophy of Post-Luxury

We’ve become a bit programmed to believe our dollars won’t go far. They’re tossed around on ten cent items that barely last a season. But M.Gemi is altering this mindset with what Gangemi calls, “post-luxury: a movement that embraces the very best of luxury – the craftsmanship, the service, and the artistry – but fiercely challenges traditional beliefs around access, frequency and pricing.” This sensibility translates to both the production line and the consumer. Their refusal to compromise on quality means intentionality from the factory to our front door.

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Number Two: Their Shoes are Uniquely Produced by Generations of Italian Craftsmanship

Some fashion brands have begun the shift toward following a product’s production. They track everything from materials to manufacturing. And M.Gemi is taking that one step further. They’ve tapped into “some of Italy’s best craftsmen, whose skills have been passed on generation after generation” says Gangemi, “These family-owned factories form the backbone of our company, and we work in constant collaboration on new styles to deliver unexpected freshness in limited runs, not just seasonally but weekly – which is not common for the luxury industry.”

In this case, it truly takes a village (or country full of villages) to bring their post-luxury designs to life from one week to the next.

Number Three: They Craft for a Muse of Understated Elegance

In adhering to a profound business strategy such as M.Gemi, it’s paramount for them to maintain an ideal – to craft for an imagined muse who thus inspires every design. This influence provides consistency, creativity and motivation. “She is a modern, cultured young woman, inspired by the new but not beholden to trends,” describes Gangemi, “She appreciates old world traditions while always looking forward to the future. She is smart, witty, and entrepreneurial, without being self-serious. While she values luxury, she favors understated elegance over extravagance and doesn’t differentiate between high and low. She makes decisions with intuitive confidence.”

It’s this strength of character that echoes through every stitch, every sole and establishes the brand’s unique integrity; it’s not a cookie cutter mold but rather a dynamic, evolving identity.

M. Gemi flatsWhy M.Gemi is a Great Closet Addition | DARLING

Number Four: They do Their Part to #makesomeroom and Give Back

The value of M.Gemi’s brand doesn’t stop at attainable luxury (although that’s pretty tremendous on its own). They continue the fashion legacy by offering consumers a holistic approach to buying which won’t overcrowd our shoe collection. Their “ongoing #makesomeroom campaign is a way of giving that [perfect shoe] to women who may be less fortunate or who have experienced major challenges in their lives.

With each customer order, we include a prepaid mailing bag to donate a pair of lightly used shoes to support Dress for Success and the hundreds of thousands of women they are helping to achieve economic independence,” explains Gangemi. These principles of generosity are fundamental to their mission for a re-envisioned standard.

 …it’s not a cookie cutter mold but rather a dynamic, evolving identity.

Number Five: They’re Uncompromising on Quality for the Conscious Shopper

With conscious closets and intentional purchases becoming a higher priority across the country, M.Gemi is perfectly positioned to be a go-to footwear brand. Gangemi feels confident in their approach “knowing that all of our shoes – whether classic staples or on-trend styles – are made with an eye toward lasting value by those who have been handcrafting shoes for generations. We refuse to compromise on quality and are motivated to provide the best materials, constructions and designs without the inflated pricing traditionally found for this caliber of footwear.” M.Gemi gives consumers the opportunity to be considerate in their purchases and thoughtful with their investments all while looking effortlessly fashionable.

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Have you attempted to curate a more deliberate wardrobe? If so, what have been your successes and challenges?

Images via Katie Noble Photography; Styling + modeling by Leslie Musser 

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