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What was once a kitchen staple relegated to the crisper drawer of your fridge has in recent years made its way into our beauty cabinets: mushrooms. With their numerous health benefits and ability to fight free radicals, mushrooms have quickly become the beauty industry’s gem, and for good reason. 

Whether ingested or used topically, certain mushroom extracts can offer multiple beauty benefits ranging from anti-aging and skin barrier repair to hydration, antioxidants and UV defense. It doesn’t hurt that many of the common mushrooms being increasingly incorporated into beauty items are adaptogenic, which means they support the body’s natural defences against stressors like inflammation. 

Mushrooms like Reishi and Oyster can help firm skin, for example, while other common types like Chaga soothe irritation. Tremella has similar benefits as hyaluronic acid. Shiitake can brighten the skin. The list goes on!

But you don’t have to just apply mushrooms topically to reap the rewards of these powerhouse fungi. With both wellness and skincare products putting mushrooms first, you can make room in your beauty regimen for these botanicals without having to compromise your routine. 

Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser

This skin-calming facial cleanser uses mushrooms as a key ingredient to help soothe the skin and reduce irritation. This entire line from Origins targets redness and inflammation, making it simple to nip common beauty concerns in the bud while introducing mushrooms into your skincare regimen. 

Moon Juice Exfoliating Acid Potion

Between environmental stressors, late nights, lack of sleep and some burnout thrown in, skin can quickly become dull and uneven. This exfoliating potion is like a mini facial in a bottle and might just help minimize pores (bless up). It’s one of my “secret weapons” to combating uneven skin texture and tone. 

Youth to the People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream

If dry skin is a concern or you want to up your moisturizer game, then this cream from Youth to the People will solve your woes (and look great on your bathroom shelf, too). It’s made using a blend of adaptogenic ingredients and mushrooms to combat skin stressors while deeply hydrating the skin. Total #skincaregoals 

Roots Botanical Mushroom Clay Mask

Ditch the toxins and chase that glow with a mushroom-based clay mask powerful enough to detox even the dullest of complexions. Because, hey, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, a charcoal mask just doesn’t cut it. With the blend of antioxidant-rich mushrooms in this mask (like Reishi, Turkey tail and Lion’s Mane, to name a few) you’ll be treating your skin to one heck of a night-in. 

Anima Mundi Soma Elixir

If stress and burnout are taking their toll on both your skin and body, then this Elixir that pairs adaptogenic mushrooms with Vitamin C will help reset and revive you. It’s easy to add to your morning coffee or smoothie and features organically grown mushrooms. What I personally love about Anima Mundi’s Elixirs is how simple they are to add to even the fussiest of daily wellness routines. 

Wooden Spoon Herbs Mushroom Chocolate

Hot chocolate is great, but have you ever tried throwing in a few mushrooms? This cocoa mix from Wooden Spoon Herbs is a staple in my cabinet not only because it’s delicious, but thanks to the combination of immune-boosting mushrooms, it does both my body and beauty regiment a favour. 

Hot tip: Make it with cashew milk for a seriously luxurious cup of hot cocoa. 

The New New Age Lion Power Potion

The anti-inflammatory benefits of Lion’s Mane might just bring your skin back in balance if redness and puffiness are keeping your skin from living its best life. The New New Age’s Lion Power Potion makes it simple to add a nourishing blend of botanicals to virtually any drink or meal, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll stir some into your morning coffee and take this awesome potion with you on the go. 

What is your experience with mushroom-based products and their health benefits? Do you have any that you recommend?

Feature image via Elizabeth Messina, Darling Issue No. 1

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