31Bits is a brand we’ve known and loved for a long time. So when they reached out to Darling’s founder and Editor-in-Chief Sarah Dubbeldam to design an accessory for their designer series, it was a quick yes.

Newly released this week, Sarah’s gold bar necklace is something she designed to fit her own fashion aesthetic but is also classic enough to compliment any woman’s unique sense of style. Below Sarah shares a little more about what inspired her design and why this partnership, for her, goes way beyond accessories.

31bits necklace

What does this project mean to you?

Sarah Dubbeldam: I love that 31Bits is partnering with creative women from the world of business and giving them an avenue to express their unique style and personality. It is very special to be able to create a tangible product with such a mission-driven company.

What is your favorite thing about 31Bits?

Sarah: My favorite aspect of 31Bits is the way they are merging the worlds of global artisans and modern, stylish commerce. Their products are chic and relevant to current fashion trends while also still being original and innovative. I also respect that they have built their business upon strong principles such as fair wages and meaningful relationships with their artisans.

Describe your necklace, why you chose this style and what you’d pair it with.

Sarah: The necklace I designed is a simple chain with a gold bar across it. It’s a necklace that I’ve always wanted so I was excited to design it with 31Bits! It’s simple and very much a reflection of my personal style. Since it hits at exactly the right place on the neckline, it’s versatile to wear with any top: a t-shirt, a collared shirt, a v-neck or even strapless. I would wear it to dress up a simple black dress or just with a white t-shirt and denim for a normal work day.

Hop over here for the full interview and here to shop the necklace that gives back!

Images via Shannen Natasha

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