Let’s start the week on an inspiring note. Our newest batch of Darling High Fives aggregates some of the feel good, do good and make good we could all use a little more of. The below brands have put a smile on our face and we hope they do yours too.

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Bespoke Binny

bespoke binny

As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist based in London, Natalie Manima has recognized the importance of one’s home environment in coping with issues like anxiety and low mood levels. Being of Ghanaian descent, Natalie grew up surrounded by vibrant colors and prints which she found to be uplifting. This was part of the inspiration behind launching Bespoke Binny, an eclectic homeware brand rooted in African expression. Bespoke Binny is a British-based business offering a range of handmade homeware and gift items made from West African fabric. The product range includes pillows, lampshades, aprons, oven gloves, table runners and card holders.


Viva’s is on our radar for a couple of reasons. One, it comes out of Slovenia, an under-the-radar travel destination that you’ll be sure to want to visit soon … before the word gets out. Two, started by two style-conscious women with a passion for sustainable fashion, Viva’s offers beautiful and timeless pieces crafted from vegetable-tanned Italian leather and organic cotton. It’s our current M.O.: simple, quality, classic. Enjoy.



AdoptMatch is a mobile app that connects Expectant Parents pursuing an adoption plan with Adoptive Parents committed to creating child-centered and ethical adoptions. AdoptMatch is not an agency, attorney or facilitator. AdoptMatch is the first ever mobile app that connects Expectant Parents with homestudy-approved Adoptive Parents through the oversight of an experienced Adoption Professional.


cora tampons

Meet your little black box of organic tampons. Cora is an organic tampon delivery service that goes a step beyond making your monthly routine better and safer. For every month’s supply of tampons that you purchase, Cora provides a month’s supply of pads and health education to a girl in need, both in the US and abroad.

Changing the Face of Beauty

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CHANGING THE FACE OF BEAUTY COUCH SERIES? We believe the voice of CTFOB needs to be from the disability community and we are committed to providing a platform for all to speak out about their experience with advertising and the media. Our hope is that their voice will be heard and changes will be made in the industry to ensure inclusion of the disability community in ad messages all the time. In fact, the disability community remains the only minority that does not discriminate. Any person of any race or religion can become a part of this community at any time. Because of that we are advocating for the entire human race. Inclusion is important and you are going to hear why. ? Please email info@changingthefaceofbeauty.org for more information! . #changingthefaceofbeauty #ctfob #speakup4ctfob #standup4ctfob #couchseries

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No Instagram account will brighten your day like @changingthefaceofbeauty will. Aiming to, quite literally, change how beauty is modeled in the advertising industry, this accounts spotlights, shares and draws attention to brands that are widening the reach and representation of the disability community in commercial advertising. Worth a scroll and a follow!

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