Because it can be such a new and exciting — yet exhausting and disorienting — time, we wanted to share this article from our friends at the Glitter Guide. We think this info is incredibly practical and encouraging for new moms and moms-to-be. Have your own wisdom to share? Let us know your tips in the comments!

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Like so many women say, being a mom is the most rewarding, joyful and challenging part of my life. It’s hard to believe that my daughter, Piper, is almost 8 months old! I’ve learned a lot in my motherhood journey so far — and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is how precious our time is. It’s hard not to feel burned out when you’re trying to juggle it all — working full-time while being a present mother, wife and friend, as well as keeping up with household tasks like laundry, trying to make your own organic baby food, the list goes on!

It always seems I’m short on one thing that I wish I just had a little more of each day … time. So, I’ve made a pact to myself to try and do things more efficiently so I have more time each day, whether that’s an hour to myself or taking a walk with Piper when the sun’s still out and not feeling an ounce of guilt. One of the ways I’ve been saving time is by using awesome products that work! I can’t tell you how many baby products I’ve tried only to be left disappointed. Enter: Munchkin! I’d heard a lot about the brand, but never tried its products myself until recently when I had the opportunity to try out the LATCH bottles, which are designed to ease the transition from bottle to breast and back.

 It always seems I’m short on one thing that I wish I just had a little more of each day … time.

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Because we have a part-time nanny, I was really worried how Piper would do with a mix of nursing and bottles throughout the work week. Munchkin’s LATCH bottles have made this a seamless transition for us, which has saved me not only time, but worry. The LATCH line also has a great assortment of brushes designed to clean breast pump parts and bottles — and because I spend so much time each and every day washing parts, they have really come in handy and I wish I discovered them sooner. The LATCH breast pads are also awesome. They are so thin and provide great protection when I’m out, but most of all, they keep my mind at ease so I don’t have to worry about having any embarrassing accidents.

Below, I’m sharing my seven tips for saving time as a new mom. I wish I had done these all during the last eight months, but motherhood is that in a nutshell — live and learn! If you’re a new mom, I hope you find these to be helpful!

1. Create and use a family calendar. 

Not only does this help with scheduling, but it allows you to plan out your week ahead of time. I try to do this every Sunday. I’ll add household tasks like washing all of our bedding, buying new pacifiers, watering the plants and random other things I don’t want to forget. I’ll also put on the calendar any big meetings or photo shoots I have so my husband can be aware of what I have going on with work.

2. Invest in quality products. 

Munchkin offers everything from bottles to breast pads that do exactly what they claim, which isn’t always the case with baby products. We love the Sterilize Bags, which make cleaning bottles and pump parts quick and easy, and the Pump Brushes, which are also great. In addition, it’s a smart idea to invest in a few seats that your baby can use when they are little that will allow you to multitask and teach them to entertain themselves — we used the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play and Nuna LEAF Curv, and now that Piper is older, she loves to bounce in a jumper.

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3. Meal prep and create a weekly menu.

Eating is a big thing for me. I like to cook all of our meals Monday through Friday, and I hate throwing together random ingredients at the last minute — it really overwhelms me and stresses me out. So, while I was pregnant (and even sometimes before!), I got in the habit of creating a weekly menu. I try to go grocery shopping just one day a week and plan out what I’ll have for lunches and breakfasts, too. We don’t always stick with it exactly, but knowing what we’ll be eating and having all of the ingredients on hand on a Sunday night saves me so much time and gives me a huge sense of relief going into the week. I also try to grocery shop when the stores are less crowded so I can get in and out quicker (Friday evenings around dinner time are great for Target runs and most grocery stores around me are pretty empty on Sunday mornings). I try to plan my menu, so I can use leftovers in easy meals the next night and will often bake chicken or roast veggies on Sunday to use throughout the week. Also, overnight oatmeal is a huge time saver for breakfasts in the morning!

4. Set up help. 

Setting up a standing weekly childcare plan for your baby is one of the best ideas! If you use daycare, look into getting an extra hour a week where you can take care of errands or have a little “me” time instead of jetting from the office straight home. If you stay at home or work from home (like I do), consider hiring a babysitter or nanny or enlist a friend or relative for an hour every week. Knowing that you have this set time every week to yourself will do great things for your entire week. You’ll also be way more productive in that allotted period of time than you thought possible!

… for more time saving tips, read the full list on The Glitter Guide!

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