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A Girl in Flight: For M. S. K.

You are a girl in flight
weighed down by
that ornament your wings.
You are not invisible
in my eyes.
I see your demons
and hear your voices,
though you may never know
how much I know

Please listen.

You are a witness to a world
you can hardly control.
Dust off the chains and
let the memories that
remade you become
on your wrists.
Not to forget,
yet not to define.

Please remember.

Perfection is an illusion invented
by your mind.
The world was not made
to go through it perfectly
Do not hide behind your smile.
You are strong.
We are stronger.

Please learn.

You are more
than what is seen.
Do not conform to a version of
when the world cannot decide
what pretty even means.
You explode
in color and light
when you smile.

Please know.

My wings riddled with scars
when secretly
grew back stronger.
Keep flying
when it hurts
to breathe.
You are close to the stars!
Do not be afraid to let me carry you
as I am carried,

Please come.

Image via Kathryna Hancock, Darling Issue No. 11

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