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Adding fresh foliage to your desk area is a great idea, until your work load ramps up and your favorite blooms miss their weekly watering — oops!

Thankfully, there is a simple solution that means you can enjoy the color and beauty of a leafy desk friend without adding yet another thing to your “to-do” list. Phew. These crepe paper succulents are not only a feast for the eyes, but they are easy to make for even those who haven’t yet dabbled in paper craft.

Pop over here to download the free patterns, then follow our instructions below to create three gorgeous crepe paper succulent arrangements for your happy work place.

Crepe Paper Succulents

paper succulent diy

You’ll Need:

Low-temp hot glue gun
Green Marker
Crepe Paper — Green tea and Cypress


Step 1. Gather materials.

step two

Step 2. Cut crepe paper pieces with the grain of the crepe according to pattern.

For the Light Green Succulent:

step 3

Step 3. Glue one side of the succulent leaf together to create a canoe shape. Add a bit of poly-fill between the crepe and then glue the leaf shut. Gather the bottom and glue to secure.

step 4

Step 4. Once you finish the leaves, glue the pieces together with the smallest leaves in the middle and the larger leaves on the outside. Use a green marker to add some more color to the center.

For the Air Plants:

step 6

Step 5. Gently stretch the middles of the leaves. Unfold and twist where the two leaves meet.

Step 6. Glue three leaf pieces together at the base of the leaves (where the crepe is twisted). Use the edge of the scissors to curl the leaves outward.

For the Dark Green Succulent:

step 7

Step 7. Unfold pieces them twist where the two leaves meet. Fold in half to stack the leaves then stretch the middle.

step 8

Step 8. Gather the bottom of each leaf and glue to secure. Glue the leaves together with the smallest pieces in the middle and the largest on the outside.

For more DIY tutorials and inspiration, head over to Lia Griffith HERE and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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