We’re huge fans of the Glitter Guide team. From their curated #flashesofdelight and on-point style trends, to mouthwatering recipes and inspiring workout ideas, it’s impossible to visit their site and not leave just a little more joyful, bright and happy. When we came across an article providing some ingenious tips for curing the Monday blues, we knew we just had to share.

Read on below to find out their advice for conquering the workweek in true glittery fashion.


Adapted from GG writer Caitlin’s personal blog, Style Within Reach:

Let’s face it, most of us don’t look forward to Monday morning and some of us even dread the week ahead come Sunday night. Well, life is far too short to spend time harvesting negative energy so it’s time to start each Monday morning with a smile and positive outlook for the week ahead. We’ve come up with 5 simple steps you can take to make your Monday’s a little more manageable.

1. Get organized. Go into your Monday morning with a to-do list that’s been prepared ahead of time so you know what to expect. It would be ideal to pen this Friday night before you sign off for the weekend. Schedule the tasks you most dread first so you can get them over with.

2. Keep your schedule open. We picked this tip up from Meg Biram back in the fall and have been sticking to it ever since. Keep your Monday’s schedule flexible – if you can avoid it don’t schedule any meetings, conference calls or deadlines. Give yourself time to ease back into the work week.

3. Plan some fun. Head into your week with at least one thing you’re really looking forward to. It could be a really great meal you plan to cook or a happy hour date with friends, maybe a new workout class.

Head on over to Glitter Guide to find out their last two tips for loving Mondays, here!

Image courtesy of Glitter Guide by Dellbar Morandi

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