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Journaling is a source of safety and discernment in my daily life. It’s something I turn to when my mind fills with doubt, when I experience an unforgettable moment or when the weight of my feelings overwhelms me.

It’s my comfort space where I am free to dream, hope, reflect and plan. My most rewarding journaling sessions emerge from a position of vulnerability and begin the process of self-actualization. 

Yet, recently, the blank pages staring back at me have fallen down my list of priorities. Planning feels futile with the ever-changing landscape of current events. My neglected and blank calendar contributes to my lack of anticipation in my daily life. Recapping the same daily routine—wake up, eat, Zoom, exercise, sleep and repeat—can seem frivolous. 

This is where I have found that coming up with creative journal prompts can bring new life to my seemingly mundane and duplicate days. Creative journaling challenges you and I to go beyond the surface level and further stimulates our minds, leading us to reveal and, thus, to heal.

Creative journaling challenges us to go beyond the surface level and further stimulates our minds, leading us to reveal and, thus, to heal.

Here are a few prompts to help you find inspiration this fall and to challenge and deepen your self-reflection. 

1. How do you retain the warmth of human relationships in the age of social distancing?

Quality time in the presence of others and doing physical activities together allowed us to cultivate, strengthen and build our relationships before COVID-19. Social distancing has led us to get creative in how to maintain our relationships with friends and family.

How are you seeking to fill your isolation? What qualities do you need to feel loved and to show love? Reflect on how your relationship dynamics have shifted or stayed stagnant throughout the past few months.   

2. What have you been daydreaming about lately? 

When we let our minds wander, we let our imagination run free. Our imagination is where we manifest our wildest dreams as it implants curiosity into our mind and nudges our heart to go after them. Our reveries can be performed consciously or subconsciously, and we may discover our inner strengths and passions. 

3. Draw your current state of mind.

Journaling is not restricted to words and can take a self-expressive and personalized form. Visualize your thoughts and emotions or the flow of information through your brain waves. Reflections of our mind can unlock hidden desires, unaddressed fears and built-up anxieties.

This process of recognition and awareness helps us grow and become the best version of ourselves. Complement your creation with a short description or add the final touch with your signature. 

4. Have you experienced a natural transformation or transition recently?

Fall brings about a variety of natural transitions—leaves changing colors, the growing (and picking!) of apples and the start of a new school year. These external changes may reflect internal changes happening inside us. Regardless of how we may feel, past triumphs and defeats prepare us to thrive and overcome our current situations. 

How do you process and undergo a natural transition? Were you expecting it? Were there immediate changes to your life? 

5. What evidence of climate change affects you personally?

The climate and environment around us naturally influence our moods and actions. Earth’s changes may reflect the changes we see in our lives. The beauty of mother earth drives our commitment to continue to honor it as a sanctuary.

How are you maintaining a good relationship with mother nature? What actions are you taking to treat it with kindness and respect?

Do you have a regular habit of journaling? If so, what are some of your favorite prompts?

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