In our twenties, it can feel as though our lives lead up to the completion of university. Graduation is a bittersweet ending to crazy late nights and early caffeinated mornings. After blood, sweat, tears, and the occasional student loan, we obtain credibility in the form of an eleven by fourteen piece of cardstock. Don’t get me wrong—it’s well worth the wait, but life after college can be disorienting.

Whether big or small, life transitions inevitably are part of our journey on earth. They can leave us feeling equally excited for the future and worried for what’s next. We may not have a detailed manual on the unnerving questions of becoming an adult, but we learn so much about ourselves as we boldly navigate through the process. The most beautiful part of immersing ourselves into the given season is realizing that we’re actually not alone in the transition. The people around us are also facing similar things!

It’s easy for anxiety and fear to get a grip on our minds during the uncertainty, but if we rise above with intentional steps of self-care, we are able to overcome and recognize this as a vital and invigorating period in our lives.

Carve out time in your schedule for self-care.

We should always create time in our routine to take care of ourselves. An effective way of combating anxiety and stress is to set aside a few hours to do things that are life-giving. When we prioritize our mental health, we are able to bounce back with motivation to get things done (whether it’s continuing the process of applying for jobs or it’s staying consistent at your new internship).

Stay rooted in well-balanced friendships.

In every season of life, we should take the time to evaluate our relationships. What voices are we allowing to speak into our lives on a daily basis? Are they supportive or negative? It’s crucial to surround ourselves with people that recognize our potential on both our good days and our bad days. They are the ones who will go out of their way to add value to our lives, reminding us of our worth when we forget our value. During seasons of transition, we’re able to lean on their shoulders as they cheer us on and give healthy advice in the midst of major decisions. Steer clear of people who are competitive or overly critical. The friends who are worth having will always be for you.

Seek out a professional counselor, a therapist or a greater community. 

Our soul needs to be able to release frustration and stress in a healthy way. Counseling proactively provides the listening ear that we need to walk us through traumatic or transitional experiences. The fresh perspective of a third party can not only change our outlook but can also empower us to overcome stress with positive thinking. Counselors and therapists are trained to create comfortable environments for vulnerable conversations to take place. In addition, they can offer professional advice regarding career choices. Joining a new community or affinity group can provide easily accessible accountability and emotional support. If we ever find ourselves burdened by post-grad pressure, seeking friends and mentors will help us mentally process and reevaluate the direction of our life.

Disconnect from the digital world.

While we may absolutely love the connections we are able to build via the Internet, the occasional digital detox actually increases our productivity and decreases angst. When we graduate from college or move to new territory, we are susceptible to playing the good, ole’ game of comparison with the pretty little squares and witty captions we see on our screens. We see someone’s picturesque trip to Europe and somehow think it devalues who and where we are. Or perhaps, our beautiful blonde classmate landed her dream job and decided to post about it and it made us feel forgotten or inferior. The success of others does not devalue or degrade our identity. We should always look to celebrate and support other women who are living out their dreams. Jealousy seeks to disunite us and to amplify our insecurities. When we detox from the social media craze, we give room to find our self-worth and value in what’s important rather than in how many likes we receive.

We all have something beautiful and unique to offer. Let’s be intentional by living in the present moment, taking care of ourselves and realigning our focus to make the most of the uncertainty that comes with finishing up a season. Remember that the end of a chapter signifies the start of something new.

What has been something you’ve overcome during your twenties? Chat with us below!

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  1. Moving away from home was the most difficult thing for me! I transferred to my college last year after living in the same place my whole life.

    Self-care and disconnecting from social media are both SO important ?

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