Who doesn’t love decorating with flowers? There’s nothing better than the refreshing lift they give to a space and mood.

CEO and Founder Michael Habicht of iii designs created the wonderful florals that set the scene for our holiday dinner at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles last December. We are so grateful for his kind contribution and expertise! Since you might be giving and/or receiving a few blooms this Valentine’s Day, we asked Michael for his tips on keeping freshly cut florals alive and beautiful beyond the 14th.

Here are his tips below:

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and you just received roses. You might ask yourself, “Now what do I do with them?”

Well, here’s how to give them the magic love and touch they need.

Start with the vase.

First fill a vase with warm water. Then, take each one — one by one — and cut the ends at a 45 degree angle, 1 inch above the end. The better the 45 degree angle, the more they can drink! They need to drink, especially if they came wrapped up. Even if the bouquet came in a vase, do this the same as if they didn’t. They’ll love you for it!

Once you cut them, place them right in the warm water.

Set the stems.

Another note is to strip any leaves that will end up in the water. Keep it just stems; this will allow the roses to have a long happy life.

Sometimes the florist will include a package of food, so feel free to add that to the water. If not, don’t worry. Your roses will appreciate the love you just gave them!

Make it personal.

Once your roses are in your vase, think of where you want to place them, and don’t be afraid to find some additions from outside the house. Cut some branches of a bush or tree to add to your roses — I call this bringing the outside in, but remember just to leave stems (and no leaves) in the water.

You’ll be amazed how much this will add to your roses and make them personal to your home.

Last but not least, be sure to stop and smell them!

Happy Valentine’s!

— Michael

What are your best tips for keeping florals fresh?

Images via Kado by Kyoko, Art Director for Celsia Floral; Photography by Gillian Stevens


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