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“Enhance Your Natural Beauty” is a Darling series focused on highlighting women’s natural beauty and providing tips to enhance what we may deem “flawed” or “imperfect.” We offer beauty tips to encourage women to have fun with makeup and, hopefully, learn to love themselves more in the process.

Aah, fall! The beloved season that *officially* lasts from late September through late December. (Winter technically begins Dec. 21.) Oftentimes, as the leaves change and the air begins to chill, we trade our bright summer colors for the earthy tones of fall. As you change up your decor, recipes and clothing to suit the change in seasons, consider trying out a new makeup look to welcome the cooler weather. 

Some people opt for matte makeup looks in the fall and winter seasons, but glowier makeup looks can also be a fun way to change up your usual beauty routine. Our go-to makeup artist Caitlin Burton, aka Makeup by Cait, is breaking down a wearable monochromatic makeup look that highlights fresh skin and glossy lips during this cozy time of year.

Step 1: Foundation/Concealer

Create a base by applying foundation and highlighter in shades that suit your skin tone and type. Wait to apply powder until after the rest of your makeup look is finished. 

Step 2: Cream Eyeshadow Base

Use a mauve colored cream eye shadow and place the product on the outer corner of your eyes and into the crease. Lip liners like this Charlotte Tilbury one are often creamy enough to work as a long-lasting base for your eyes as well! Blend the product thoroughly with a brush.

Step 3: Blend in Mauve Eyeshadow

To create more dimension in your eyes, choose a similar mauve powder shadow and pack it over top the cream shadow. Take a smaller brush and blend a little bit of the product on the outer corners of your lower lash line. 

Step 4: Add Some Shine

Next, take a shimmery champagne colored shadow and pop it in the center of the lid to create a soft sheen on the eye. The Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize shadow is a great cream option. Applying it in the inner corners will also help to open up the eye. 

Step 5: Define Your Lash Line

To complete your eye look, take a creamy brown eye pencil and line your upper lash line. Smudge it out with a dense brush to soften the line. Apply mascara to finish it off. 

Tip: Curl your lashes before and after your first coat of mascara. Then, add a final coat for extra thick lashes!

Step 6: Fill In Brows 

Fill in your brows however you prefer! For a natural look, use a brow pencil to place the product and brush through with a spooly to blend. 

Step 7: Apply Mauve Blush

Use a fluffy blush brush to tap the product on your cheeks and up your cheekbone to avoid moving any product underneath. Once you have a good base, lightly feather the product in circular motions on your cheeks and over your nose. Lightly apply some to areas you would normally apply bronzer—on your temples and down your neck. The trick to blush is to blend it well to create a natural, diffused look. 

Step 8: Add Highlighter

Apply a liquid highlighter like this Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in “opal” to the high points of your face—top of your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose and above your brows. This product can also be used as a primer under your foundation for an all-over glow. 

Step 9: Set Makeup With Powder

Take a small powder brush and set your makeup in areas it tends to wear. This will be different for everybody but under the eyes, down the center of the face and along the jaw are common places makeup tends to slide.  

Step 10: Lips

Use the same mauve liner you used on your eyes to line your lips. Apply a lipstick in a similar shade, like Mac’s Velvet Teddy, on top. Finish with any gloss you love; in her video tutorial, Caitlin uses the Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love gloss in Belle Du Soir 

If you prefer a more matte look, then make any lipstick matte by tapping a loose translucent powder over top.  Makeup has no rules! Adjust this look to your preferences and to highlight your favorite features. 

To help walk you through these steps, check out this tutorial by Makeup by Cait:

What are some of your favorite fall/winter beauty tips? How does the change in seasons change your makeup routine?

Image via Ted Emmons, Darling Issue No. 14

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