A few years ago, I was having a talk with a friend from Australia. We were talking about the Tall Poppy Syndrome — a habit of tearing down those who accomplish something of note, who have talents and abilities that may be viewed as exceptional, or who are successful. Resenting, undermining, looking for ways to discredit and hurt the person, the “Tall Poppy.”

May we fight this tendency in ourselves. Instead of lopping off the Tall Poppy because we fear it may be stealing the sunlight or rising too tall, may we instead, water, weed, fertilize, clear the way for people to grow to their full potential. Let’s be people who cheer on others extravagantly! Let’s root out jealously, envy, pride in our own lives in a way that allows us to celebrate other people’s accomplishments.

Who can you cheer on today?

Image via Aysegül Karatekin

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