Fall! And all its things.

We love the rich hues, warm tones and comforting scents that autumn afford us. Whether that’s via candle, perfume, a soothing oil or the perfect cocktail, below we’re sharing a few products that have caught our eye (and our senses) this season.

Products We Love / Vol. 8 | DARLING

1. Body Oil & Lip Color / Herbivore
Why we love it:  We’re really impressed by this brand, in everything from aesthetic to delivered product. Some body oils can leave your skin overly oily or greasy, which makes getting dressed a pain. However, their jasmine body oil is silky, luxurious, and absorbs like a dream, all with a calming, floral scent. Their lip color, too, is surprisingly potent for being as lightweight as it is. We love the hint of nude with a touch of rosy peach — a color of fall that hasn’t yet let go of summer. Be sure to check out the rest of their line of natural, detox bath, skincare and travel products.
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2. Citrus Vodka / St. George
Why we love it: Few like vodka, ourselves included. Yet, this citrus-infused spirit from St. George is so smooth, you could almost sip it straight, only needing a splash of soda water and some fresh orange zest. Made in California, you really feel like you’re getting a taste of the climate of the central coast. Perfect for an early evening aperitivo or to serve after a satisfying, rich meal. Salut!
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3. Leather Coasters / Charlie Yip
Why we love them:  These are classic, handmade, and can fit with almost any style of decor. The durable leather makes them an obvious choice for balancing out a place setting or being of use where spills might be common. He also offers a beautiful line of leather tote bags that would be great for back-to-school or bringing to the office.
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4. Perfume / Lucy B.
Why we love it:  If you’ve read our fall Issue No. 13, then you would have read “You Recall My Memories” by Lucy Baldock-Sacchi. In it Lucy shares the power of scent and the memories etched in our mind that our sense of smell can unlock. This blend of Royal Egyptian Amber & Honeysuckle from Lucy’s fragrance line unleashes warm notes that take us back to creaky floors, slivers of sunbeams, and a fall afternoon lost in a novel with a mug of tea. Though from Australia, her bottles are carried all across the US, so seek one out and see what memories they conjure up for you.
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5. Juniper & Moonlight Mile Candles / Tatine
Why we love them:  A great candle heightens the mood and ambiance of a room, whether or not it’s even lit. That why we love both of these candles from Tatine, since you can smell their woodsy, yet delicate scents even before taking them out of the box. They aren’t overpowering, but are sure to be noticed. It’s hard to find a scent that’s a universal please, but after burning the Juniper in the studio for just a few minutes, we had dozens of comments from interns and teammates alike.
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Image via Milena Mallory

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