A woman in an all denim outfit with her hands brushing back her hair

These words are for anyone who has ever been blue.
Those who have been tried on and thrown out,
Cut off and stained from your original design.

These words are for those who have been borrowed and worn out,
Those who have been ignored and stuffed into the bottom drawer.

Let me tell you,
You are top drawer denim,
You are clothed in magnificence woman.
You are perfect in your imperfection.
You are worthy of adoration and love,
No matter your size or your style.

These words are for you:
Each thread has been counted.
Each string perfectly colored and sewn together.
You are a modern masterpiece,
a timeless design,
Made strong and of the highest quality.

Darling Denim,
you were knit with a purpose.
Darling Woman,
your image is perfect.
You were made with intentionality by a gentle hand.
You have been cut and styled for this specific moment in time.
There is no other person like you.

Go now.
Be bold.
Be blue.
Be anything you want to be.
Don’t hold back.
Bend, stretch, bleed.
You were made resilient on purpose. 

Image via Kevin O’Brien and James Ryang, Darling Issue 17

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