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Whether a new member of a city or a seasoned resident, it is easy to feel like you are merely existing within your community. When work and life exhaust your day, it is hard to feel any desire to participate in extra obligations. While there is no requirement in life to be involved in the city where you live, it can make all the difference in making a place feel like home. 

The following list is a starting point to help you get planted in the community you live in.


Volunteering is beneficial regardless of trying to get plugged in. According to the Mayo Clinic, it has the ability to create a sense of purpose and community ownership. There are many types of organizations to partner with and you can find opportunities that are specific to your community. This is a sure way to give back and also get connected to the area in which you call home.

Social Activities/Hobbies

One of the easiest ways to make connections is through common interests. Join an intramural sport, church group, book club or cooking class! Joining activities and clubs through your community allows you to make connections while also enjoying yourself. This is a great way to balance workload and practice healthy habits for how to use your time to decompress.

Spend Money Locally 

It is easy to be attracted to what is comfortable, such as chain stores and restaurants. There is almost a guarantee that you will be left alone and leave as quickly as you came. Purposely choosing to visit local “mom and pop” businesses is a great way to give back to the community. Local businesses may open the door to friendships, networks and a better understanding of what your community values. Not to mention, you may find a new favorite food or handmade purse!

Attend Local Events

Most towns and cities have annual events that take place. This can range from concerts, farmer’s markets or even educational seminars. Take advantage of what is offered! Find what interests you, perhaps one day you can even have a role in putting on these events.

Follow Community Social Media Accounts 

There are many social media pages that get a community connected. These groups can be for general information and questions about the community. It is also a way to find volunteer opportunities, activities, events and jobs offered in the area. Do not be afraid to contribute to these social media pages, that is what they are there for! You may even find a few friends to invest time in by interacting online. 

Have you cultivated community where you live? How are you involved in your city?

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