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Brunch! It’s a notorious meal of bonding, bubbly, and spending leisurely time eating, drinking, and catching up with girlfriends. As we wrap up summer and are about to head into fall, we’re squeezing in as many of these delicious gatherings as we can.

And, in our opinion, one of the best ways to throw a brunch? Bring all your favorite women entrepreneurs together to celebrate the end of summer.

sustainable brunch artsy backdrop A Better Way to Do Brunch: Make It Sustainable | DARLING

By Kara Elise, Women & Whiskies, and Kore Kitchen teamed up to throw an adorable backyard soiree, highlighting the sustainable practices of Kore Kitchen along with the mindfulness that Russell’s Reserve takes towards grain in their whiskies.

With long brunching tables designed by Kara Elise, 100% sustainable eating (everything Kore Kitchen uses is sustainable!) and lots of bubbly whiskey cocktails, the morning was full of deliciousness.

While Kore Kitchen is 100% sustainable, founder Meryl believes that you can make a big difference in your world by becoming mindful of the waste you’re creating and making small changes in your life to practice sustainability. For the brunch, By Kara Elise chose all recyclable dishes and glassware, and used real linens to avoid paper waste. Plus — this made everything look so colorful and darling!

A Better Way to Do Brunch: Make It Sustainable | DARLINGbrunch sustainable tabletopwhiskeykore kitchen cozy brunch spot

A couple other fun options to practice sustainability in your hosting is to get creative: Use old mason jars, juice bottles, and recycled glass for glasses! Shop your local farmers markets for produce! When you’re shopping from local farmers instead of a grocery store, you’re reducing waste and carbon emissions.

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Plus, for this brunch, we chose a whiskey that knows the value of mindfulness when it comes to food and drink. Russel’s Reserve is a whiskey that guarantees you’ll never find a genetically modified grain in your bourbon. They use only non-GMO grains – some of the best you’ll find in the world. These all-natural ingredients were a great addition to our (and any!) brunch.

How are you enjoying the last few weekends of summer?

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