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The old days of the mall are over, especially in a beautiful place like California. People are shopping online for everything these days, especially things they can get easily, so welcome PLATFORM: the mall of the future.

PLATFORM is in Culver City, Hayden Tract specifically. If you haven’t heard about the cool factor of Culver City, then you’ve been missing out. Beverly Hills is filled with tourists and over-crowded. Abbot Kinney used to be the “cool” street, but now it’s peppered with generic stores you can find most anywhere. Instead, head to PLATFORM.

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Joseph Miller and David Fishbein have built something totally original in Los Angeles. Everything is first to market, you won’t find a Gap or Zara anywhere close to here. It’s 10 minutes from Venice, and 15 minutes from West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Live downtown? Hop on the 10 and you’ll be there in no time.

Fashion brings together the best of the best in design, fashion and food. Whether it be Cannibal from NYC, Tom Dixon from London’s collaboration with Curve for a new concept store — you won’t see something at PLATFORM that isn’t unique, one of a kind and first to market in the US. Every detail of PLATFORM was considered, from the custom furniture created in collaboration with Ilan Dei of IDV or the beautiful landscaping. Everything is totally original and worth leaving your house for; you finally have a reason to get motivated to walk around!

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Also, a must try are the tacos from Loqui. There’s a reason why there’s always a line out the door. (Note: definitely choose the flour over the corn tortilla!)

Images via Katie Gibbs


    1. Checked comments to see if I was the only one to miss the explanation. Maybe this got posted before it was completed.

    2. It’s described as a “mall” because its essentially a modern marketplace for artisanal curators of lifestyle shops including food (i.e NYC ice cream parlor Van Leeuwen using premium organic ingredients with vegan flavors).

      Curve is a concept shop offering both fashion and home furnishing cultivated by Curve and Tom Dixon. So you’ll find everything from ornate light fixtures to sheepskin rugs — it’s a great creative space to be immersed in. I view it as an extension of the art scene in culver city along La Cienega. There’s also a premium leather accessory shop, a coffee shop, and a few women’s boutiques.

      It’s definitely more fashion forward, contemporary, and unique. Platform embraces locally owned, carefully crafted, and innovative design. It’s still quite new, so there isn’t much foot traffic — it’s a luxurious take on millennial capitalism.

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